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New Media Generates New Genres

Since “new media” is a fairly broad and nebulous term, I would like to create a point of focus for this post. I am going to discuss: NEW GENRES OF WRITING (dun dun dun).

genreSome of my favorite blogs contain never-before-defined genres. A blog is a venue for writing, but the content within the blog can take many shapes and forms. Some blogs have informative articles, others showcase creative writing, and other blogs bend and break the rules of photojournalism.

(Pictured at left: Genre bending, by kevindooley)

My current favorite blog is Reblogging NonSociety (RBNS), a site dedicated to mocking Julia Allison and NonSociety. I am fascinated by RBNS because I truly believe that it serves as an example of a new genre that has emerged from new media.

RBNS is updated by three anonymous bloggers, and the commenters are regular (and extremely loyal) site-goers with memorable screen-names.

All the content on the site depends on NonSociety’s content. If Julia doesn’t update her site, her Twitter stream, or her Facebook page, the RBNS bloggers would have nothing to post.

Julia’s content is not particularly special or mind-blowing, but she is a fascinating character. While her site is considered autobiographical in nature, the RBNS site is satirical. The RBNS content is reminiscent of a roast, during which comedians poke fun at an individual, who takes the humor in good faith and is not personally offended.

RBNS is so harsh in their criticism of Julia that she has threatened to take legal action against the bloggers. However, they are not doing anything wrong! They are simply commenting on facts and statements that Julia willingly makes public to everyone on the Internet: a blog that makes fun of a blog!

Do any other blogs like this exist? I know that some blogs are devoted to making fun of celebrities, but most celebrities still promote themselves in traditional ways. What’s unique about Julia is that she made herself “famous” using the Internet. In the future, will we witness the emergence of more Internet celebrities and, thus, more blogs that make fun of blogs?

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