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“Maybe I Believe Too Much in Signs” (The East Bay Review)
“Bee Sting” (Four Ties Lit Review)
“My Last Memory of Snow” (Cacti Fur)
“May Gray,” “I’ll Never Admit This,” and “Climate Change” (lipstickparty mag)
“The Drop” (Cacti Fur)
“Dammit Doll” (Really System)
“All This Free Floss” (Pittsburgh Poetry Houses)
“Unlit Wicks” (THAT Literary Review)
“Reasons to Skip Breakfast” (The Machinery)
“Cosmetic Ritual as Microcosmic Meditation” (forthcoming in GAMBA)
“Nomad’s Land” (Dead King Mag)
“Do You Prefer the Calm Before or After the Storm?” (Toad)
“I Want to Drive Across the Country, but I’ve Only Ever Cried on Trains” (Marathon Literary Review)
“Budgie” (Kalyna Review)
“Still, Moving” and “Dionne’s First Time on the Freeway” (Fox Adoption)
“We Interview the Clown” (Grasslimb: Volume 14, Number 1)
“The Place That Shall Not Be Named” (Lime Hawk)
“What I Would Ask of the Gun” (Gyroscope Review, reprinted in Grasslimb: Volume 14, Number 1)
“Him, Only” and “Twenty-One Days” (Rat’s Ass Review)
“Corvette Convertible” (Yellow Chair Review)
“The Importation of Useful Animals” (Coe Review)
Enjoy the Looking” and “Obviously a Photographer” (Ekphrastic California, “Obviously a Photographer” to be reprinted in Randomly Accessed Poetics)
“Blue Pile,” “Miss Color TV,” and “Losing the Baby Weight” (Turk’s Head Review)
“I’m Not Your Best Friend” (forthcoming in These Fragile Lilacs)
“Picnic” (forthcoming in Bacopa Literary Review)
“Charlotte” (forthcoming in Lost Tower Publications anthology And the Tail Wagged On…)
“Final Meals” and “Both Waving and Drowning” (Hamilton Stone Review)
“Twix Bars” (Sadie Girl Press anthology Then & Now: Poems and Art)
“Date the Candidate” (The Fear of Monkeys)
“Home Improvement” (Words Dance)
“Jade Bangle” (Panoplyzine, reprinted in Randomly Accessed Poetics)
“What Does the Newark Bridge Smell Like?” and “If You Think I’m a Drama Queen, Then Give Me the Crown” (IthacaLit)
“Por Favor No Maltratar Los Aguacates” (Autumn Sky Poetry Daily)
“Mrs. Jacobi” (Compass: A Literary Journal)
“A Peacock – But Only if the Price Is Right” (forthcoming in echolocation)
“Cover Up” (The Altar Collective)
“Egg Hunt” and “Crows Bearing Gifts” (The Norfolk Review)
“Marshall McLuhan in Terms of Ice Cream” (forthcoming in Negative Capability, vol. 35)
“Basic Bitch” (SPANK the CARP)
“Bodega Mangoes” (Common Ground Review)
“BMW, WFAN” (Profane)
“Let Us Now Speak of Temperate Zone Fruits” (Word Riot)
“Heart Rate Monitor” (Pidgeonholes)
“Talk Tiger to Me” (velvet-tail)
“Avocados and Avocadon’ts” (New Plains Review)
“Central Avenue Voodoo” (Gargoyle Magazine)
“Vanna White Clapping” (damfino)
“Riding the Gift Horse” (damfino)
“Birds of the Meadowlands” (The Lake, to be reprinted in Pankhearst’s Slim Volume: Wherever You Roam)
“Lost at the Ashram” (Breakwater Review)
“Meat Pics” (The Penny Dreadful)
“The Maintenance of Loss” (forthcoming in Hark)
“The Necklace” (Crab Fat Literary Magazine)
“5-7-9” (East Coast Literary Review)
“The Next One’s on Us” (Confingo, to be reprinted in THEMA‘s autumn 2015 issue)
“Baby, I” (Melancholy Hyperbole)
“Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest” (SEVERINE)
“What the Garden State Gave” (Pine Hills Review)
“Bidding War: Used Gym Shorts” and “Dream Dictionary” (forthcoming in Carbon Culture Review 2015 print issue)
“Lovesick Woman Spends Week in KFC” (Up the Staircase Quarterly)
“Electrolarynx” and “Waste, Not Water” (Instigatorzine)
“If You Had Taken It off, I Would Have Hit on You” (The Stockholm Review of Literature)
“Play To Win,” “September,” “I Miss You, I Miss You, I Miss You,” and “Care Package” (Hamilton Stone Review)