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How to Brainstorm a Concept for a Blog

Dear Laryssa,

I was thinking about starting a blog. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because I miss writing on a regular basis. However, I have no idea what the theme of my blog would be. I’m obsessed with music, funny things on the Internet, and food, but I’m not sure how to “blogify” any of those topics in an original way. Do you have any suggestions?



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Dear Christine,

I’m so excited to hear that you are thinking about starting a blog! Choosing a blog concept is difficult because your decision sets the stage for the future of your blog. You don’t want to limit yourself by being too specific, but you should try to create and maintain a niche that will help you build an audience.

For blogging beginners, I highly recommend tumblr. Because tumblr allows you to “reblog” things that other people have blogged, you will have no trouble generating content. Reblogging can help you establish a concept if you’re not really sure where you want to start. Don’t be afraid to let your blog evolve!

The first post will be the most difficult post. Choose a mildly interesting subject and start writing. Don’t censor yourself or worry too much. Just be yourself and use your natural voice! If you write consistently and trust yourself, an awesome concept is bound to emerge. You don’t need all the answers just yet.

You will have to blog regularly for a few weeks before you start to understand and embrace your concept. For example, Comma ‘n Sentence was originally a place where I blogged about my progress with and ideas for Too Shy to Stop. However, blogging about these things made me interested in a broader spectrum of subjects: social media marketing, editing, creativity, online publications, and the ways people connect and read online.

Pay attention to what interests you. If you find yourself reblogging pictures of pastries, you might have an epiphany: “Wow, my blog is becoming a pastry blog!” Once you realize this, you can readjust your focus and further customize your blog: take unique pictures of pastries, write reviews of bakeries, interview pastry chefs, etc.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are obsessed with it. Your blog topic should be something you talk or think about every day. When you have a new idea, make a note of it. Create a list of blog topics for the future. A list will help you when you have writer’s block or need inspiration.

Save pictures and videos that inspire you or make you think about your blog topic. Visit other blogs about similar topics and comment on posts. Follow people on Twitter who are interested in the things you write about. Find ways to have conversations with your friends about your blog topic.

Decide how often you want to blog because the frequency will definitely affect the types of content that you post. Will you post text? Photos? Video? Audio? Do you work better on a schedule or spontaneously? Will you be writing and posting at the same time every day? How will you share your posts with your readers? What will motivate you to continue blogging?

Ultimately, your blog should be a reflection of your personality. If you think you’re an interesting person, then you will surely have an interesting blog.



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