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Two Twitter Trending Topic Poems

On the Twitter homepage, users can see Twitter’s 10 trending topics. These include the most popular hashtags and/or the most widely-tweeted words and phrases. The top 10 trending topics are constantly changing, and users can be organized by specific location or browse them worldwide.

At approximately 11 and then again at 11:30 PM on Thursday night, I listed of Twitter’s 10 trending topics. I decided to write two 10-line poems to honor them. In the poems below, each line begins with the trending topic (in bold text, listed in the order Twitter provided) and then continues with my text.

To Be Her Secret

#DontActLikeYouNever thought about taking her home. She’s the girl at the bar
#nowplaying music so bad you’d stuff toilet paper in your ears if you were alone.
#LetsBeClear: it’s the worst music you’ve ever heard, worse than
Justin Bieber accompanied by a chorus of dying cats and the
#realhousewives of New Jersey gossiping in a rest stop bathroom.
Mavs are playing on one of the flat screen TVs while you flirt with this
#Libra, a pretty girl with curly blond hair. She confesses her hatred for the
Spurs; her ex used to make her watch every game with him.
George Hill was the only redeeming factor,” she says. “George and
Rapper Eminem – they’re my secret crushes.” You want to be her secret too.

To Sexile Again

#dontactlikeyounever wished you were in college again,
#nowplaying beer pong in the basement with your roommates.
#letsbeclear: you never really liked beer, and the roommies were
Halo Reach Beta-playing nerds who needed to get laid. Doing
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe with A) college, B) working, or C) auditioning for
#realhousewives, you hope Moe stops on A) college.
Spurs, according to the dream dictionary, are what you dream about when the
Mavs are going to win. If you really have that much power, why can’t you make
Justin Bieber go away? Why not be the beer pong champion? Why not write
#FF, the code letters for “sexile”, on the dry erase board tonight?

(Photo by JMRosenfeld)

Laryssa Wirstiuk is a social media marketing and online image consultant. Learn more about how she can help you and your business gain friends and customers by visiting Comma ‘n Sentence Consulting.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! Good idea and amazing poems 🙂

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